Um vídeo do animalista Dean Schneider, chamou a atenção na web e se tornou viral.

O vídeo mostra Dean falando sobre ficar proximo a um leão, no momento em que o animal preparava um ataque, porém o final do vídeo traz uma surpresa muito fofa.

“Isso não pode ser feito com nenhum leão, porque normalmente, quando ele se esgueirar dessa maneira, ele está prestes a tentar matá-lo!”, escreveu ao lado do vídeo. Mas o final é completamente diferente. Confira:

O jovem suiço reside na África do Sul e dedica a salvar e cuidar de animais feridos. Dean adora os animais e compartilha vídeos semelhantes em sua conta do Instagram, brincando com leões, hienas ou macacos.

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Caption This below👇🏼😂🐒 and tag at least 3 Friends who struggle to get out of bed in the Morning!😴😅 • JayJay & Momo might look cute all the time but they have no mercy 😭😈 If they want something they‘ll take it, no matter what!😅 You sure you want kids one Day? 😅🙈 • Also please keep in mind monkeys are NOT PETS!☝🏼 JayJay & Momo🐒 are rescues which had to be hand raised due to a very weak immune system as they have been taken away from their moms, by breeders at a very early stage to be sold off as pets!😢😓 As cute as they seem to be, they are happier in the Wild! Human imprinted animals are not easy to reintegrate into the wild and since Capuchin Monkeys🐒 are not Native to South Africa there is lots of reasons why I am not allowed to just release them out into the african nature! (Survival chances are also very slim in such a case!) The Hakuna Mipaka Oasis will be a life long home for them were they can live as wild as possible in a secure environment!🙏🏼❤️

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